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Antonello Ristorante - Santa Ana, CA 


"Since the first day that I was sampled a taste of this new winery called Levendi, I have enjoyed watching, and tasting my way through their growing phases.  Having a seasoned veteran winemaker such as Alison Doran is a “marriage made in heaven.”   She brings a sense of elegance and richness to all her masterpieces.  Her feminine touch always seems to keep the tannins in check with her reds, and a touch of lush roundness to her whites.  The newest addition to her lineup, the 2005 “Stagecoach” Syrah 2005, drew rave reviews by our guests at a recent “standing room only” winemaker dinner at Antonello Ristorante.  In closing, just keep doing what you are doing and you will have my support for many years to come.  Salude!!"

Steve Ebol, Sommelier
Antonello Ristorante


Yellowstone Club - Big Sky, MT 


“When I see clever packaging and beautiful labels, I am always weary of what’s in the bottle. There are few wines out there that have the total package. This is one of those wines… Great people, classy label, and most importantly, beautiful wine.”

John McCune, Director of Wine
Yellowstone Club


Hospitality Restaurants - Cleveland, OH 


"I love introducing guests to Levendi wines. Artisan craftsmanship combined with great vineyard selection creates the epiphany moment for the novice to the wine snob. Serving a wide variety of styles throughout the labels makes Levendi wines a versatile recommendation. I am too thirsty to write anything else."

Christopher J. Oppewall, Beverage Director
Hospitality Restaurants


The Huntley Hotel - Santa Monica, CA 


"This wine has a very pleasant slightly honey color with essence of apples, pears and apricots. The taste is clean and refreshing leaving a caramel long lingering finish. Levendi is making Chardonnay for the wine lover who enjoys the taste of wine, not just the oak it sat in. Everyone that tastes it loves it."

Charles F. Turner, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage/Sommelier
The Huntley Hotel


The Huntley Hotel - Santa Monica, CA 


"Dark ruby in color; this wine has the nose and taste of dark plums, black cherries, cassis, and currents. You could drink this wine with a juicy fat burger or, as I did: with grilled lamb done with a blueberry reduction puree. Definite fruit forward with a full rich finish."

Charles F. Turner, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage/Sommelier
The Huntley Hotel


Market Restaurant + Bar - Del Mar, CA 


"The wines of Levendi are very representative of classic flavors of great California fruit. My personal favorite has always been the Red Hen Vineyard chardonnay. It shows incredible depth of ripe fruit, and richness with perfectly balanced acidity to match the weight. To me it is the epitome of what California chardonnay can (and should) be."

Brian Donegan, Wine Director
Market Restaurant + Bar


Rolf's Wines - Newport Beach, CA 


"From Levendi's first release we've been huge fans of their "consumer friendly", rich, inviting cabernets and chardonnays. In this day of so many overpriced yet underachieving wines, Levendi provides us with top notch, world class gems at very reasonable prices to gladly recommend to our customers."

Rick Webster, Managing Partner
Rolf's Wines