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The Team



James Gianulias, Founder

In Vino Unitas. James knows these grapes and loves the Symphonia Cabernet Sauvignon for its approachable character.

David Gianulias, Founder

Levendi is a family affair. David instills a passion into his winery that will build a lasting legacy. His favorite—Stagecoach Cabernet Sauvignon—is sure to help in this endeavor. It's a true masterpiece.

Todd Rustman, Founder

Levendi brings friends and family together. Todd believes Sweetwater Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon is just the wine to do it!

Alison Green Doran, Winemaker   

Her enthusiasm is infectious and it shows in her winemaking. Each vintage is cultivated with warmth and affection—so Alison cannot possibly choose a favorite!

Heather Taber, Director of Marketing

Proud to be a part of a little winery with a big future. Heather makes no secret that Stagecoach Cabernet Sauvignon is her favorite glass of wine.

Justin McColgan

Justin McColgan, Director

Levendi's rising star.  As our newest member, Justin of course loves Levendi's newest wine, Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon for it's bold nose, graceful palate and silky finish.

Lillian Norminton, Accounting Manager

Let's celebrate . . . everything! And Lillian really does—especially with the crisp, refreshing Cold Creek Chardonnay.

Jennifer Simpson, Social Media Consultant

Generating excitement amongst the social media community, Jennifer keeps friends of Levendi up-to-date on the latest winery activities.  She adores the intense tropical fruit and creamy texture of the Red Hen Chardonnay.