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Levendi Newsletter - October 2022

From Our Founder

Fall is in the air, and with it, the long days of harvest signify the cumulation of months of hard work, countless hours, and innumerable decisions. We have walked our vineyard rows and monitored the health and development of the vines and clusters that were produced. We have tended to the grapes and done what we trust, as a team, would bring the most flavorful fruit to the presses this season. As we wrap up our 22nd Levendi harvest, we reflect on the last year, its growth and development, and give thanks for the ever-evolving adventure Levendi has provided.

The most exciting of these developments being the Grand Opening of the Levendi Napa Tasting Room on July 28th. Located at 1465 1st Street, the Levendi Tasting Room opened its doors amidst family and friends, surrounded by the pictures of our journey thus far, vintages and varietals of the past, handcrafted woodwork thanks to one of our biggest supporters and delicious food pairings provided by our retail neighbor. It proved to be a beautiful day and one that I have personally envisioned since deciding to take Levendi from a passion project to a true business plan. I invite you all to come see the tasting room for yourself. Whether sitting at the bar and visiting with our knowledgeable staff or choosing the more private venue of the Legacy Room to enjoy your time, you will not be disappointed. Fall is a beautiful time of year in Napa, and I encourage you to take time for yourself and enjoy the beauty that Napa has to offer.

Over the next month, as the presses in our cellar run silent and all wine is in the barrel, we will bring 2022 to a close and prepare for the holiday season. For me, the holidays are a time of family and delicious meals prepared from my Yiayia’s recipe book. My personal favorite is her Moussaka. The smell of this dish brings back memories of Yiayia and her painstaking preparation to bring us a taste of her homeland. Moussaka is a dish requiring time and patience. Much like wine, it cannot be rushed and is a tangible, reflective product of the chef’s personality, tools, and ingredients. We have shared my Yiayia’s special family recipe on page 7 and invite you to try it on your own, with a glass of Levendi in hand of course, and bring a piece of the Greek Islands into your home this holiday.

Yassou Levendi!

David Gianulias