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A Wine for Every Game Night


With spring on its merry way, we’re all excited to get back outside and enjoy the natural beauty we’ve been missing for the past few months. But that doesn’t mean stopping our indoor get-togethers. For those sporting the lauded role of host, or those guests who want to earn a gold star, we’ve compiled a list of a few types of wine that are sure to elevate your typical game night to a memorable occasion.


Traditional Card Games – Pinot Noir

There’s always an evening dedicated to the classics. For all your Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, and Big 2 needs, consider making space for a bottle of Pinot Noir at the poker table. With its red fruit floral profile and an approachable lighter-body, it’s a drinkable mainstay to pair with the straightforward classics. 

Presentation Party Games – Sparkling Wine

There are few people that jump at the chance to speak publicly, but games like Charades, Pictionary, and Jackbox make getting off the couch fun. Pass around the flutes and pour some bubbles. Peppy and fun, this high-abv starter is perfect for loosening up in front of the crowd and toasting particularly notable performances.


Fast-Paced Decks – Sauvignon Blanc

Kick the night up a notch with card games like Uno, Exploding Kittens, or Monopoly Deal. Dynamic and speedy, you’ll need the dryness and citrus of a Sauvignon Blanc to keep you on your toes. 

Stay Frosty – Rosé

With new games like One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Spyfall, and Chameleon, lying to your friends has never been more fun. We’d go with a lovely bottle of rosé. Besides serving as a pleasant starter to the night, it boasts a deep bouquet of complex subtlety that maintains a disguise of a quaint summery sipper. 


Thoughtful and Tactical – Chardonnay

For all the strategy lovers out there, pick up a couple bottles of your favorite Chardonnay. Slow-burn board games like Catan, 7 Wonders, and Smallworld have become classics in their own right: though they may take longer to learn, they offer endless replayability as you discover new tactics for outsmarting your friends. Buttery, bold, and classic, a glass of Chardonnay pairs well with making big moves that swing the game in your favor.

Cozy Duels – Zinfandel

Sometimes, the best game nights can be just the two of you. And a good Zinfandel. Whether it’s a cozy night of chess, checkers, or gin, the spectrum of stone- to black-fruit sweetness and medium body offers the perfect refillable accompaniment to outsmarting your significant other. 


Dark, Debatable, and Delightful – Petit Syrah

When the evening wanes late and everyone’s tired of memorizing rules, games like Cards Against Humanity and its various iterations are great closers. What would pair better with the dark-humor conversation (and argument) catalyst than a Petit Syrah? The purple fruit, peppery tobacco, and tannic structure offers a medium to seamlessly tap into your dark side.

Roll for Initiative – Cabernet Sauvignon

Last, but not least, are the game nights for the heroes. The weekend warriors who must fit the epic adventures of Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, or Vampire: the Masquerade into too few hours in the day. To the protagonists (and the Game Master, who is the real hero) we invite you to fill your goblets and chalices with the finest Cabernet Sauvignon, whose complex profile of black fruit, bold tannins, and oaky nose boasts more character than any backstory, and offers the perfect companion on any adventure.