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Best Spotify Playlists to Enjoy Wine To

Life isn’t a quiet affair, and neither is wine. So here’s a compilation of some of our favorite Spotify playlists available for the public to power your next dinner party, game night, or me-time.

Wine Bar – “Natural wine vibes, because wine not?”

With a good mix of energy and laid back vibes, “Wine Bar” is a swiss-army knife for any occasion, great for a dinner party, kickback with friends, or a literal wine bar. It features eclectic melodies and rhythmic nuances that thrive in the background without distracting. A healthy mix of vocal and non-vocal tracks that will add texture to any glass you pour.

Levitate – “Music that makes you feel like you’re levitating”

It’s what it says on the can; these songs offer instrumentation that feels like wind beneath your wings. The tracks offer floaty and airy vibes to personify that late-night buzz, and the recognizable hooks and popular names are sure to engage and appeal to a wide audience. Rich and full-bodied bass lines feel like Syrah or Malbec, this is for the late hours, the low-light, and the intimate spaces, when it’s just you, maybe someone special, and your favorite bottle.



Park Hangs – “Indie jams that sound like lounging under the sun with friends.”

“Park Hangs” offers bright, sunny melodies that you can’t help but smile at. Light and easy like rose, Viognier, or bubbles, the playlist offers a good mix of popular names and indie artists. Perfect for listening to with your people or when you’re just happy.

golden hour – “Warm indie dance vibes, the music you need at golden hour.”

Groovy, jazzy, and easy to move your body to, this is a smooth yet rich playlist that merits your big buttery Chardonnay. The limelight names are few and far between, so you can discover someone new to listen to. Good for when you’re cooking for guests, in a creative flow, or just feeling yourself.

Farmer’s Market – “fresh produce, reusable totes, iced coffee, & all the lovely spring things”

This is an acoustic lineup that covers everything from slow mornings to enjoying a porch-side sunset on Sunday. This playlist is an assemblage of easy vocals and folksy rhythms that make it feel like you can breathe easier. With indoor vibes for finishing laundry or a chill board game night, this is the perfect accompaniment to a cozy red blend or your go-to Pinot Noir for when it’s raining outside.