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Valentine’s Day with Levendi

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so make sure you make your significant other feel extra appreciated this year. Don’t have the funds for a weekend getaway or a fancy night out? Here are a handful of creative thrifty ideas that will make your loved one feel intentionally cared for.


At-Home Spa: Dim the lights and bubble the bath for an evening of relaxation and pampering. Set out some scented candles and treat your S/O to a massage. You don’t have to be a professional; a little lotion or massage oil and your attention can go a long way. Or a bottle of wine. And if it leads to more intimate activities, then go with it!


Backyard Bash: For those who own a backyard, make extra use of the space this V-Day. Pitch a tent, fill it with pillows and blankets, and unplug for the evening with a backyard camping night. Don’t forget an iced-down bucket of your favorite wine. Hang up a white sheet against a wall and put a movie on an outdoor projector. Throw some lawn games into the mix for some fun competition. And above all, enjoy the fresh air with your loved one.


Romantic and Thoughtful: Why confine the celebrations to just one night? Wake them up with breakfast (and mimosas) in bed and spend the day spoiling each other. If work gets in the way, write love letters separately and exchange them when you return home. Create a little scavenger hunt around the house that takes the two of you down memory lane, or make new ones with a fun flirty photoshoot to remember today by.


Collaborative and Fun: Grab your teammate and work together on new skills or activities. Take a virtual cooking class together and create something delicious in the kitchen. For culinary inspiration, see our various recipes like the Blackberry Sauce Tenderloin to accompany your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon. Or make some space in the living room and learn a new dance online. If the furniture is too heavy or you’re both in a mental space, then a jigsaw puzzle is always a go-to. 


Cozy Entertainment: Make comfort and closeness a priority. Whether it’s your favorite two-player board games or getting creative with arts and crafts, blankets and pillow forts are mandatory. Get the popcorn in the microwave early, a chilled bottle or two, and cuddle up on the couch with some Netflix, or make it extra-special and rent a movie they’ve been dying to see.